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Eirsgaard Care Center is aimed at homeless adults who have been discharged from the hospital but are not yet fully recovered after completing hospital treatment.

At the care center, the nursing staff provides peace and care for up to two weeks while you recover. The house’s team of volunteers provides care, chats with you if you desire or need it, helps with practical tasks, and offers healthcare guidance if you require it. During your stay at the center, you will have a bed, a locked storage space, and access to shower and toilet facilities.

Before staying at the care center, you must be referred by a social nurse or outreach worker. Then, the center’s staff will try to find a spot for you.

Become a volunteer

As a volunteer at the care center, you’ll be assisting patients who have been discharged from the hospital after treatment for physical illnesses but are not yet well enough to be on their own. Your support will include care, conversations, and sometimes minor treatments.

What do we expect from you? 

As a volunteer at Eirsgaard Care Center, you’ll help patients with care and having conversations. Depending on your background, you may also help with minor treatments. Occasionally, you might need to help with practical tasks to keep the center running smoothly.

You should have a willingness to assist individuals from diverse backgrounds. Your professional background, age, and gender are not important. What matters is that you are open-minded, positive, and emotionally resilient.

Where and when should you help?  

As a volunteer at Eirsgaard Care Center, you will be volunteering on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, during both daytime and evening hours.


Hear how Jimmy and Jannie are helping the homeless at Eirsgaard Care Center.

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