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Red Cross Capital

We are in the process of starting a community in Frederiksberg at the residential community ‘Lioba’.

This community is for the residents of Lioba who are dealing with mental vulnerability combined with substance abuse. Through social gatherings and outings, the community aims to address the limited social connections and feelings of loneliness often experienced by this group.

Cafe Lio is open every Thursday from 10 AM to 2 PM. Café Lio takes place at the residential community and includes enjoyable activities such as games, sharing meals, and doing arts and crafts. Every other week, there will be outings, like picnics in the forest or trips to the water.

The goal of this community is not to provide treatment or therapy but to create social interacation and relationships.


Do you want to hear more about Cafe Lio?

27 79 47 53


We currently do not accept English-speaking volunteers for this activity