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Food distribution at Netværkshuset Kastruplund takes place every Thursday 4 PM – 5 PM at Kastruplundgade 13, 2770 Kastrup. You kan access the netværkshus through the backyard.

When you come to pick up the food, it’s important that you bring your own bag to pack your items. When you come to collect your items from us, you also have the opportunity to visit our cozy Coffee Lounge where we serve coffee/tea, cake, and a pleasant atmosphere. Here, you can also chat with the volunteers and other participants.

From 3:30 PM, you draw a color that indicates when it’s your turn to collect the food. Watch out for the colors announced by the volunteers when food distribution begins at 4 PM. Our kind volunteers will make sure everyone who registered gets their food, regardless of the order.

To participate in the food distribution at Kastruplund, please sign up below.

Registration guide

Registrations open at 10 AM every Monday. You can only sign up for one spot per household each week.

If you accidentally sign up for more than one basket in a week, only the first booking will be valid.

If you experience technincal difficulties when signing up, please, call our reception at 3833 6400.

Stay informed about the food distribution and our other activities on our Facebook page ‘Netværkshuset Kastruplund‘.

Please note*

New temporary location

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Kastrup Kirke
Kastruplundlade 5
2770 Kastrup


Opening hours:


Coffee Lounge: 3 PM – 5 PM
Distribution: 4 PM – 5 PM