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The journey towards finding a permanent home can vary from person to person. In Home for You, we actively help you in your search for housing based on your specific situation, needs, and preferences. 


You can be matched with a housing mentor. A housing mentor is a volunteer, who can help you with your housing search- This might involve researching where to look for housing and what you can afford. They will help you get an overview of your options. The housing mentor can also go with you to see potential homes, contact the municipality, and talk about your daily concerns.  


We always have a conversation about your specific housing situation and needs to see if we are the right fit for you. Our goal is to guide you towards other options if we can’t provide you with the support you need.


Home for You is currently a 3-year project within the Red Cross funded by Bikubenfonden. Home for You builds upon a pilot project, which was a partnership between the Red Cross, Youth Red Cross, and Home for All Alliance. The project ran from 2018 to 2021 and was funded by Bikubenfonden, Oak Foundation, and the Red Cross.

The goal is to help as many young people on the brink of homelessness find a stable housing situation. The solutions can vary depending on each young person’s specific circumstances. We are also continuing to explore how new forms of volunteer engagement and community involvment can help prevent and end homelessness.

  • You meet with the housing mentor 2-4 times a month, and you both decide where and when.
  • You can get help with housing applications, budgeting, rental contracts, and moving, among other things.
  • You can also talk to the housing mentor about topics other than housing search.
  • The housing mentor is bound by confidentiality and does not receive payment for meeting with you.

We’ll start with a non-binding conversation about your situation and what you need. If you feel that Home for You is a good fit for you, and we agree, we’ll find a volunteer for you.

Do you want to know more? Call the volunteer leader team at 4194 8803 or send a mail to hjemtildig@rodekors.dk

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact the volunteer leader team at 4194 8803 or hjemtildig@rodekors.dk 

We currently do not accept English-speaking volunteers for this activity

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