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Red Cross Café is an offer for people who are new in Denmark. Many of the guests in the café come because they have fled their homes and could use a place where they can find a sense of community amongst others who are in a similar situation, and where they have the opportunity to learn more about Denmark and to train their language skills in Danish or English. In the cafés, volunteers make sure that there is hot coffee, nice snacks and a bit of entertainment for the children. At the same time, the guests can find information about everything from medical and dentist aid to good places to find free or inexpensive clothes and nice experiences for the whole family. The cafés are located in our two lovely networking houses (netværkshuse) on Nørrebro and Tårnby. 

Opening hours: 

  • Thursdays 12.30-15.30 on Nørrebro  
  • Saturdays 14-17 in Kastruplund  
  • Sundays 11-14 on Nørrebro 


As a volunteer in the cafés you sign up for the shifts that fit your calendar. You and your co-volunteers make sure the café is cozy and welcome guests. You also help find answers to their questions and refer them elsewhere if we don’t know the answers ourselves. After the café closes volunteers help clean up.  

Moreover volunteers are also more than welcome to try out language training whether you’re up for helping guests train their danish or english language skills. 

What do we expect of you?      

As a volunteer in the Red Cross Cafés you first and foremost have to be friendly and accommodating. Du need to be up for creating a nice and calm space for the guests – and patience for conversations that often take place via Google Translate. 

When and where can you help? 

You can sign up for the shifts that fit your calendar. It is an advantage if you are able to take at least one shift every two weeks, since the cafés are always evolving. 

The Red Cross cafés locations

Red Cross café Nørrebro

Wednesday 12-15 pm. Sundays from 10 -13.

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Red Cross café Tårnby

Tuesday 17-20 pm. Saturday 14-17.

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