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Christmas is a time for love and celebration, but not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy it. Some families in Denmark struggle financially and can’t afford things like gifts, Christmas trees, or treats. Last year, more than 1650 families received help from Red Cross Copenhagen. All families receiving Christmas aid are also invited to join activities with other families and volunteers throughout the year.

– The Christmas aid includes an 800 DKK gift card for COOP stores, so families can purchase food and gifts for the Christmas season. We know, this is a big relief for the adults who otherwise spend a lot of time worrying about how to make ends meet during Christmas. It also brings joy to the children, who can enjoy Christmas gifts and treats just like their peers, says Fie Friis, the coordinator for Christmas aid at Red Cross Copenhagen.

This year, the Red Cross plans to help 19.500 families during Christmas across the country. That’s more than ten times the number they helped a decade ago. Red Cross Copenhagen distributes Christmas aid at an event where families can have fun making Christmas decorations, enjoy some Danish Christmas treats, and, in that way, meet some of the volunteers and learn about the opportunities to become part of the community.

Support for families year-round

The Red Cross also uses the Christmas aid to provide help and support to families throughout the year by inviting them to participate in various activities, ensuring that families don’t feel isolated once the Christmas season is over, and everyday life resumes.

– We have five family networks in Copenhagen, where families and volunteers meet for a cozy afternoon and evening. There is room for play and conversation while adults prepare a shared dinner. It’s also possible to be assigned a dedicated family friend, a volunteer who offers extra support during times of need, explains Fie Friis.


Apply for Christmas aid

We start accepting applications around November 1st.

We currently do not accept English-speaking volunteers for this activity