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To make older people feel less afraid of things like falling, getting hurt, or passing away without anyone knowing, we offer daily safety calls.

A volunteer manages the safety call, and the elderly person receives a call at the same time every morning, seven days a week. The call is often brief, lasting only a few minutes, and its sole purpose is to reassure the elderly person that someone will notice if something happens to them.

If, one day, the phone goes unanswered, the volunteer safety caller contacts the Activity Manager, who takes action. In such a case, contact is made with the person’s family or friends, social services, home care, or other places where prior arrangements have been made for access to the person’s home. In extreme cases, the police may be dispatched with a locksmith to ensure that everything is as it should be.


When you accept safety calls, it means that you will be called every day by the same volunteer to ensure your well-being. The call is quite short, typically between 1-3 minutes, but it can help provide a sense of security and peace of mind.

The target group is individuals aged 65 and over who live alone, have limited social networks, and do not receive daily home care.


Do you want to know more about safety calls?

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We currently do not accept English-speaking volunteers for this activities