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The Women’s Network is a service for women who have experienced violence in their close relations and are now looking for a social network and someone to talk to. Maybe you need a conversation partner, an assessor, someone to help unpack moving boxes, or assistance in applying for education – or perhaps something completely different.

In the women’s network you can receive one-on-one support for the challenges of daily life. Additionally, you can participate in enjoyable communal events where you and your children can meet others from the women’s network.

Based on your preferences, family situation, and language skills, we match you with one of the female volunteers in the network who will become a regular support for you (and your children).

What you choose to do together is up to you. You and the volunteer will coordinate together based on your wishes and needs. You will have ample opportunities to get to know each other, and together, you will establish a trusting relationship, meeting 2-4 times a month.

A common characteristic of the volunteers in the women’s network is that they are all mature individuals, have emotional capacity, and are good listeners.

Want to know more?

You can contact the team behind the women's network via email at rkh.qnet@rodekors.dk

We currently do not accept English-speaking volunteers for this activity